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About Me

"Living the dream until I die."

                -from the notes section in my phone


Claudia Ellis is a southern born actor and multi-instrumentalist.  She received her BFA in Acting and a BA in Music from the University of Colorado.  


My story begins in Montgomery, Alabama where I began teaching myself to play the piano around the age of 3.  There, I also joined various ballet companies and watched and participated in shows and educational programs at the Alabama Shakespeare Festival.  My involvement in each of the arts finally intersected when I moved to Tuscaloosa, Alabama at age 10, and I began my path as an actor/musician.  I have very many passions, including bluegrass music, Chris' Hotdogs, Commedia dell'Arte, weightlifting, and Jimmy Stewart movies.


After moving away from Alabama for school, I discovered my deep love of my southern roots and the sounds of the Blue Ridge and Smokey Mountains.  Nowadays, I enjoy bringing those roots to the stage with me through acting and music.  You can check some of that out in the gallery!

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