Claudia Ellis Headshot.jpeg

Claudia Ellis is a southern born actor and multi-instrumentalist.  She will receive a BFA in Acting and a BA in Music from the University of Colorado.  


Claudia's story begins in Montgomery, Alabama where she began teaching herself to play the piano around the age of 3.  There, she also joined various ballet companies and watched and participated in shows and educational programs at the Alabama Shakespeare Festival.  Her involvement in each of the arts finally intersected when she moved to Tuscaloosa at age 10, and she began her path as an actor/musician. She is very passionate about Alabama football, bluegrass/folk music, acting for film, music theory, Shakespeare, Commedia dell'Arte, and banjos.


After moving away from Alabama for school, Claudia discovered her deep love for her southern roots and the sounds of the Blue Ridge and Smokey Mountains.  Nowadays, she enjoys bringing those roots to the stage with her through acting and music.  You can check some of that out in the gallery!